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Limited offer of 20 apartments with a unique character

Welcome to the Jinonický dvůr, a closed residential complex which will be built in a quiet part of the attractive location of Prague 5, in the proximity of the Košíře-Motol Nature Park and the Prokopské údolí (Valley). The first stage includes a twenty flats with unique character and a shared underground car park. It offers peaceful neighborly coexistence, but at the same time the residents will share only underground garages and walkways with the access to the houses.

When designing the Jinonický dvůr, we emphasized the timeless architecture, the high quality of the materials used and the feeling of safety and privacy of each inhabitant. The interiors and exteriors were designed to give an elegant impression and simultaneously to serve the everyday life full of comfort. Two out of twenty apartments are situated in a detached house and a generous two-storey penthouse can be created by their interconnection.

With respect to the feeling of safety, the Jinonický dvůr is built as a closed and impassable complex, in which all the traffic is brought down to the underground floor, and therefore passing cars will not disturb you anywhere in the area.

We know that choosing a suitable home is a choice for life, so we want you to make the most of investing in your future and we would like you to find home that will become the matter of your heart in the Jinonický dvůr.

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Přinášíme Vám horké novinky ze stavby 1. etapy! Aktuálně na objektu B2 dokončujeme příčky a provádíme elektro rozvody. V 1.PP zároveň probíhá montáž rozvodů vody, kanalizace a VZT. Jak můžete vidět na fotografii a v naší fotogalerii, montujeme okna v 1. a 2.NP. Sledujte nás pro další novinky ze stavby 1. etapy, jejíž dokončení je plánováno na konec letošního roku! 

Flats with unique character

Unique Genius Loci

Welcome to the place our ancestors got to like as early as twenty thousand years ago – and maybe even earlier. To the district where you can find a village square with a pond – and to which you can walk easily from the metro station. To the neighbourhood that is so charming that you will not feel like leaving it – but if you long for leaving after all, you´ll reach the airport faster than you would imagine or you can drive freely to all the cardinal points. Welcome to Jinonice.

And when to Jinonice, then to its ancient and unique centre – to the Jinonický dvůr chateau complex.

You will not be the first to fall in love with this part of Prague; silent, but having the livelier districts within reach.

If the previous lines drew your attention and you would like to learn more about the rich history of Jinonický dvůr, please read on...



<p>premium living in a high standard</p>

premium living in a high standard

<p>spacious terraces and gardens</p>

spacious terraces and gardens

<p>timeless architecture with a touch of history</p>

timeless architecture with a touch of history

<p>generous and comfortable layouts</p>

generous and comfortable layouts

<p>good accessibility to the city centre and the airport</p>

good accessibility to the city centre and the airport

<p>metro station within a five-minute walking distance</p>

metro station within a five-minute walking distance

<p>safety and privacy of a closed complex</p>

safety and privacy of a closed complex

<p>quiet living and nature within easy reach</p>

quiet living and nature within easy reach

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