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Unique Genius Loci

Welcome to the place our ancestors got to like as early as twenty thousand years ago – and maybe even earlier. To the district where you can find a village square with a pond – and to which you can walk easily from the metro station. To the neighbourhood that is so charming that you will not feel like leaving it – but if you long for leaving after all, you´ll reach the airport faster than you would imagine or you can drive freely to all the cardinal points. Welcome to Jinonice.

And when to Jinonice, then to its ancient and unique centre – to the Jinonický dvůr chateau complex.

You will not be the first to fall in love with this part of Prague; silent, but having the livelier districts within reach.

If the previous lines drew your attention and you would like to learn more about the rich history of Jinonický dvůr, please read on...

History of the Site

People started to settle under the Vidoule table mountain a very long time ago – but somewhat higher. A Slavic fortified settlement used to be situated on this promontory. It was preceded by a settlement dating to the Iron Age and even, as confirmed by findings, to the Last Ice Age. The first outline of the today's mansion can be seen at the end of the 11th century when a yard stood here. It was devastated during the Thirty Years' War, and in the 17th century a Baroque mansion was founded in its place, on command of Pavel Michna of Vacínov. The Schwarzenberg family, who is still commemorated thanks to a sandstone coat of arms above the entrance portal, stood behind its subsequent reconstruction with Classicist modifications at the beginning of the 19th century.

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Let's take a closer look at the history dating back to 1088, i.e. in sight of the time when your potential home is slowly being born. The village of Jinonice (then called Ninonice) is named in the founding charter of the Vyšehrad Collegiate Chapter. Your possible address therefore appears in an important document of the Czech Middle Ages, dated 1088. We do not know exactly when the yard was established, but it was already there at that time. The significance of the place is also evidenced by the fact that only its part was given to the Chapter, the rest was reserved for the ruler himself – then Vratislav II. Among the holders we can later find the famous Cistercian Monastery in Plasy, which connects Jinonice with some parts of the today's Smíchov (we´ll get to know that this isn´t the last example and that there´s not only a perfect traffic connection between this neighborhood and the lively Smíchov, but also a strong historical bond).

You would find no monuments reminding of the Plasy monks in the today´s Jinonice and Smichov – the Hussites, who destroyed particularly Smíchov´s sacral buildings, are to blame. Jinonický dvůr was more fortunate ... then, and later too. Though it was confiscated by the Hussite Prague Party, it did not disappear entirely. It overcame the turbulent 16th century, even though it did not avoid the Habsburg confiscation in 1547. The same was looming after the Battle of White Mountain, but it survived again. Its then owner, Albrecht Pfefferkorn of Ottopach, supported Friedrich Pfalz, but he died "just in time" (already in 1619), and the yard was inherited by his eldest daughter Jolana Kateřina (Catherine).

But this is already the time of the appearance of a significant – and controversial – personality of the period after the Battle of White Mountain: the nouveau riche Pavel Michna of Vacínov. On the left bank of the Vltava River he was purchasing everything he could –cheaply and often for a depreciated, so-called long coin. AS reagards this rich man, who was born as the son of a butcher from Budyně nad Ohří, let´s acknowledge that he did not lack education and diligence and that he properly looked after the property acquired so cheaply. This also applies to Jinonický dvůr, which, at that time, is described as a fortress already. His spendthrift descendants, however, did not take care of their dominions as they should have, and therefore Jinonice – after a short Jesuit intermezzo – was transferred to Georg Ludwig of Sinzendorf.

It might have seemed that the strong Jinonice fortress and the entire estate went from bad to worse, because Sinzendorf was no less indebted than the Michna of Vacínov family. But again, Fortuna intervened in its favour, so we start to feel that Jinonický dvůr and its inhabitants deserve it! The entire estate is soon purchased by Prince Ferdinand William Eusebius of Schwarzenberg, a person of European significance, well-known for his social sensitivity, unusual at that time. He acquired Jinonice for his nephew John Adolph.

Ferdinand himself is to be credited with the fact that you would already recognize your future residence: he started to convert the fortress, which did not meet the contemporary demands, into a chateau. He and his builders, led by Giacomo Antonio de Maggi of Switzerland, established a praiseworthy tradition: the tradition of elaborate, considerate and sensitive reconstructions of Jinonický dvůr. Naturally, it couldn´t lack a brewery; the liquid goodies that were brewed here were celebrated along the left bank of the Vltava River. This is just one of the Jinonice and Smíchov bonds, if we do not take into account the proximity... and the still inconspicuous Jinonický dvůr, now in the appearance of a chateau, is also becoming the administrative centre of a large estate under which the following municipalities fell: Butovice, Nová Ves (you can still find the remains of these two original villages under the St. Lawrence Church), Radlice, Zlíchov, a part of Smíchov, Košíře and Klukovice. Even the parish would have to be looked for in the chateau! It became famous thanks to Antonín Jaroslav Puchmajer, a representant of the Czech National Revival, who wrote some of his works here at the beginning of the 19th century. The memorial plaque, which commemorates him near the Baroque entrance, is a nice stone to the mosaic of the rich and colourful Jinonický dvůr history. And the brewery, which will soon be restored, is once again an enrichment of your timeless and exceptional living.

However, let´s return to the man who is to be credited with the foundation of the today's castle appearance and whose coat of arms will welcome you above the gate in Na Vidouli Street (the entrances to Jinonický dvůr, with the prominent position of the passage to the so-called Upper Yard, which will be restored including the vault and lining, inherently make up the charm of this site as well). Prince Ferdinand William Eusebius of Schwarzenberg began the succession of men who have given respect to the building: they have preserved everything that is valuable and beautiful and they have added something corresponding to the contemporary standards of housing – and life in general. The same holds good for other builders and architects: Matthias Hummel (also in royal services!), Ignác Alois Jan Nepomuk Palliardi (who lived and worked up to his famous name and to the fact that his godfather was Kilian Ignaz Dientzenhofer himself) or other personalities acting in Schwarzenberg services, of whom let´s mention Karl Pollak and Václav Rulf only.

Present Days

In Jinonický dvůr, ancient beauty doesn´t get lost, on the contrary: it returns to life and merges with new elements that add the luxury and comfort of modern living to the historical dimension. And the ugly elements of the today´s yard, e.g. the extensions from the time when Státní statek hlavního města Prahy (the State Farm of the Capital City of Prague) was here as a not very considerate owner, can´t naturally be found by the new residents any more.

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The area surrounding Jinonický dvůr is unique in its geology, flora and fauna (including an extinct volcano!), as well as in the richness of architectural monuments of both medieval and modern, palace and country-style types. The district of Jinonice is fortunate that it hasn´t been harmed by the past and this century either, the other way round: these centuries have also added nice elements that you can gradually discover, and so far the construction of luxury homes has been moderate and tasteful. Just like Smíchov, Jinonice can expect universal development – it will, of course, be sensitive and preserve the residential character of a neighborhood that is changing from a sleepy village into a modern but still quiet place for urban living.

And this should go without saying in the case of a place which was already considered to be strategic by ancient ancestors, who settled here from time immemorial – and its investment potential, although they would certainly not call it like this, was also understood by medieval rulers and owners of this estate. Therefore, modern times cannot be an exception. It is not necessary to emphasize that housing in this neighborhood is not only pleasant, but it will never lose its value either, and that the price of properties acquired here will continue to rise.

Future Appearance

The entire chateau complex of Jinonický dvůr, which is an immovable cultural monument, will undergo a complete renovation, preserving the unique architectural and construction period elements. The architectural design was elaborated by MS Architektura a Design studio and by its architects Milan Ševčík, Tomáš Filgas, Michal Ryšavý and Martin Studnička. These all, together with the developer V Invest, have paid attention to the sensitive reconstruction and to the overall layout of the yard, as it has remained throughout centuries. It still seems to bear a resemblance to Baroque Cistercian courtyards...

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You can look forward not only to the distinctive elements of the courtyard, embellished with freshly planted greenery (besides the coat of arms and the Baroque portal of the passage let´s mention the sundial and a stone lining, Classicist doors including side rectangular windows with chambers and a grille, ledges and joining lizens, a saddle roof, decorated with the spire with the dial etc.), but also to a number of preserved period elements, which will make you – with all the comfort – feel like the castle lords of the past centuries. These are, for instance, Baroque and Classicist supporting constructions, beautiful ceilings and vaults (e.g. the Classical and Baroque ones in the former stables), renovated rafters or the original Baroque portal to the staircase to the first floor of the northern wing.

The ceilings, floors and particularly the windows are treated with exemplary consideration – the latter are a sort of the eyes of the whole area, through which light will flow into your apartments and you will look out of them to see all the beauty around you. Let´s mention the reconstruction of the window panes on the first floor of the kiln (a part of the original brewery); here, as well as in the restored windows in the central part of the southern façade, copies of period panes are designed. New elements (such as windows broken into the southern façade, roof windows and dormers) will be most considerate to the ancient beauty of the chateau. The same applies to a simple modern cubus, which will be added to the attic of the northern extension. The character of the entrance will be proportional to the roof dormers and to the staircase towers in the yard, thus it will become a unifying new structure, which will tastefully complement the period buildings. An adorable element will be a disassembled and reassembled fountain, dating back to the late 18th century; it will be surrounded by newly planted trees.

The original facade will be sensitively renovated. Architects Michal Ryšavý and Milan Ševčík of the MS Architektura a Design studio say: "Building C, also called the Mansion, is the oldest and most valuable part of the complex. The uniqueness of the building is underlined by the architectural design of all the facade details, which are on a higher level than in the case of other buildings. At the same time, interventions from different periods are visible, so not all facades show the same architectural details. These interesting differences are respected and preserved by the design. The design takes a particularly sensitive approach to the entrance part with the doors and side windows, which will preserve their Baroque appearance. The most significant impact is represented by the renovation of the northern facade."


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Do you want to know more about the project or a particular property, to arrange a meeting or to get information on funding opportunities? Contact us!

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