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Living in Jinonický dvůr brings you, among others, the advantage of feeling great inside, in your new home, as well as outdoors, in the neighbourhood. Whether you head for the Prokop Valley (Prokopské údolí), the St. Lawrence Church (kostel svatého Vavřince) and the traces of the Slavic settlement, for the Košíře-Motol Nature Park with the unique area of Cibulka and numerous sights, for the district of Hlubočepy with its Prague´s Semmering and the buildings erected by Michna of Vacínov and jesuits, for the old part of Smíchov with homesteads scattered over, or even farther for the ancient Břevnov, you´ll still have something to wonder at. Or just set out for an evening walk in the old Jinonice and stop on the dam of the Jinonický Pond, which is one of the three preserved ponds of the historical pond system (the other one is even closer – in the garden of Jinonický dvůr). And believe us that the beer brewed by our restored brewery will bring you a bittersweet and perfect enjoyment in the fresh air and at peace, which you would not expect in the metropolis!

It can be said that modern Jinonice will be a kind of an "extended arm" of Smíchov. Although the latter passed through a different historical development, until recently it was true that the two districts were a rather neglected (and in the case of Smíchov even shabby) territory; thus definitely not a place for a comfortable, high-style living. Fortunately, this is a past; Smíchov is a dynamic and vibrant city part, sought after for living, business and relaxation, with a wide and complex range of civic amenities.

You´ll not miss civic amenities in Jinonice either – and this advantage is enhanced by the fact that all the conveniences of modern life and the shopping and leisure time possibilities can be found, in fact, in the middle of the great outdoors. Let's just mention the Galerie Butovice shopping mall (accessible within a ten-minute walk), Golf Club Praha in Motol, SK Motorlet or Jatomi fitness in the Nové Butovice shopping centre. In the vicinity of Jinonický dvůr there is also a polyclinic, all dental and medical care, as well as a kindergarten and elementary school, playgrounds or Deutsche Schule Prag. And if you do not want to go by car or on foot, public transport is, thanks to the bus lines and Nové Butovice metro station, at your service.

It´s true that you can live in the tangible vicinity of a chateau beauty not only in Jinonice. You can find villas or golf courses in various places, other Prague residents live in an old yard or homestead and the combination of a castle and a brewery is not quite unique either...

But where else do you find all the above together and, on top of that, enriched with beautiful and untouched nature, pleasantly sparse settlement, rural peace and the city's hustle and bustle within reach? Not only in the territory of Prague, but maybe even in the entire Czech Republic?

Welcome to Jinonický dvůr.


Nové Butovice Metro Station


Jinonice Metro Station


Hůrka Metro Station


Bus Stop - Karlštejnská


Bus Station - Nové Butovice


P+R (Nové Butovice)


The Pub (Nové Butovice)


Česká spořitelna - ATM


Gourmet House


Česká spořitelna - ATM


Bus Stop - Nové Butovice




Hotel Herrmes


U Bůčka Restaurant


Nová Hospoda restaurant


DTJ Jinonice Tennis Club


TJ Sokol Jinonice


U Majerů Restaurant


Post office


Deutsche Schule Prag - Německá Škola v Praze (German School in Prague)


ČSOB - V Hůrkách


MONETA Money Bank


JOSHI sushi


BENU pharmacy


Rossmann drugstore


IPC Metronom pharmacy


Praha 13 – Lípa Policlinics


Ovčí Hájek Maternity School


Simply Bistro


OMV filling station


OMV filling station


Prim filling station


Galerie Butovice shopping centre


Jipka Language School - Butovice




Česká spořitelna ATM


Dr.Max pharmacy




Vegan Life


Markol bakery


Pure Jatomi Fitness


Radlická Hotel School


Grammar School for the Visually Impaired and Secondary Vocational School for the Visually Impaired


Tyršova základní škola (Tyrš Basic School)


Tyršova základní a mateřská škola (Tyrš Basic School and Kindergarten) - Mateřská škola (Kindergarten)


Faculty of Humanities, Charles University


Košíře-Motol Nature Park


Cibulka Lookout Tower


Golf Club Prague


Hotel Golf


Faculty Basic School of the Faculty of Education, Charles University






Česká pošta (Czech Post Office)




Bus Stop - Stará Stodůlecká


Bus Stop - Butovická


Bus Stop - Vidoule


Bus Stop - Nušlova


Bus Stop - Poliklinika Lípa


Bus Stop - Hůrka


Bus Stop - Sídliště Jinonice


Bus Stop - Vidoule


Bus Stop - Jinonice


Tram Stop - Hotel Golf


Tram Stop - Vozovna Motol


Tram Stop - Poštovka


divider Site of Unique History
Site of Unique History
  • A Slavic fortified settlement was established here in the 9th century
  • The first mention of Jinonický dvůr in 1088 (a yard used to be here)
  • During the Thirty Years´ War it was devastated, a Baroque mansion was subsequently built in its place in the 17th century
  • Archaeological finds from the Prokop Cave (Prokopská jeskyně) prove a settlement more than twenty thousand years ago
  • inhabited more than 20.000 years ago
  • Slavic fortification: dating back to the 9th century A.D.
divider Discover the Beauties of the Nature
Discover the Beauties of the Nature
  • Morning jogging and later staying with children at the playground, an afternoon walk with your family and dog
  • Discovering new sites at the weekends
  • The Prokop Valley – beautiful outdoors and a suitable place for a picnic with your family or friends
  • The Košíře-Motol Nature Park in the vicinity
  • The foot of the Vidoule hill
  • The Cibulka lookout tower – a thirty-minute pleasant, relaxing walk
  • jogging, playgrounds, family walks
  • the Prokopské údolí nearby
divider Shopping in All the Cardinal Points
Shopping in All the Cardinal Points
  • Delicious breakfast, good coffee, weekly shopping – all of these in Galerie Butovice
  • A wide range of shops, services and sports facilities
  • The Galerie Butovice shopping centre 10 minutes on foot
  • The Metropole Zličín or Nový Smíchov shopping centres nearby - 10 minutes by car or public transport
  • There are also small shops in the immediate surroundings of Jinonický dvůr
  • delicious breakfast and big shopping alike
  • wide range of shops and services
divider Multisport Jinonice
Multisport Jinonice
  • The Košíře-Motol Nature Park or the Prokop Valley
  • Jogging or cycling
  • Golf Club Praha in Motol
  • Tennis and ball games at SK Motorlet
  • This location offers you many opportunities to spend your leisure time actively
  • jogging or bicycling
  • Golf Club Prague in Motol
  • tennis and ball games

Photogallery of the Surroundings

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Do you want to know more about the project or a particular property, to arrange a meeting or to get information on funding opportunities? Contact us!

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Information about how we handle your personal data can be found here.

Do you want to know more about the project or a particular property, to arrange a meeting or to get information on funding opportunities? Contact us!

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* These items are mandatory.
Information about how we handle your personal data can be found here.

Do you want to know more about the project or a particular property, to arrange a meeting or to get information on funding opportunities? Contact us!

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